Sunday, March 4, 2012

Your'e Next In Line For a Miracle

Life is sometimes crazy, but God has a plan and purpose for us. Even though the storms have been raging and the mountains have been too high, just know that You are Next in Line for a Miracle! Just know that, "It ain't over until God say it's over". Things may look cloudy and you might cant see your way through, but just know that God sees and hears your every prayer. He has not forgotten and He is not a God that lies! We have been tried through the fire and the test is now over and the victory has already been won. Trust God and know that He is about to come in like a flood in your life and turn thing around for your good. Peace in the homes and on the jobs! Prosperity! And much more! Whatever you need just know that God got it. This is your time, this is your year, this is your season! Praise Him and not the things of this world because can't nobody do you like Jesus! We are more than a conquers and with God we can do anything. You are next in line for a Miracle! It's time to stand and stand strong, put on the whole armour of God and trust that NO WEAPON FORMED AGAINST THEE SHALL P0ROSPER! The blessings of God is over you, claim your victory, because you are the next one for that Miracle! Be Blessed

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