Sunday, March 4, 2012

Your'e Next In Line For a Miracle

Life is sometimes crazy, but God has a plan and purpose for us. Even though the storms have been raging and the mountains have been too high, just know that You are Next in Line for a Miracle! Just know that, "It ain't over until God say it's over". Things may look cloudy and you might cant see your way through, but just know that God sees and hears your every prayer. He has not forgotten and He is not a God that lies! We have been tried through the fire and the test is now over and the victory has already been won. Trust God and know that He is about to come in like a flood in your life and turn thing around for your good. Peace in the homes and on the jobs! Prosperity! And much more! Whatever you need just know that God got it. This is your time, this is your year, this is your season! Praise Him and not the things of this world because can't nobody do you like Jesus! We are more than a conquers and with God we can do anything. You are next in line for a Miracle! It's time to stand and stand strong, put on the whole armour of God and trust that NO WEAPON FORMED AGAINST THEE SHALL P0ROSPER! The blessings of God is over you, claim your victory, because you are the next one for that Miracle! Be Blessed

Monday, January 23, 2012

I Want Complain

Philippians 2:14, "Do all things without complaining and disputing". With this being said, as I started to read the bible this morning, asking the Lord what shall I read on today. I then heard that still small voice said, "I want complain", so I looked in the back of my bible to see if there was anything on complaining. I didn't see anything, so as I was turning the page just to read something, I flip the pages to Philippians 2 and saw the highlighted verse on number fourteen. I then proceeded to read and study the book of Philippians. The Lord then showed me why He brought me to this book and verse. Even though it did hurt slightly, I still wanted God to have His way in me. I did not harden my heart so I began to pray and tell God to take out everything that is not like Him. I ask Him to remove the thorns out of my flesh and allow them to stay gone. I ask Him to heal and deliver.  I asked Him to loose the past hurt and disappointments and to restore me with His love and His sweet Holy Spirit. I always tell my children, that God can't do nothing with a complainer because we are so much complaining about something and not letting God do what He has to do. We have to shut up sometimes to hear what God has to say. And as I was praying I asked myself what do I have to complain about - why should I complain? I have home, I have food, I have my health, I have six beautiful children, He blessed me with my own business, I have life! And the word I got on Sunday was, "So What"! So what if I was hurt, so what if people don't like me, so what if people talk about me, so what if I have to go through, SO WHAT! And I realize that my complaining is nothing and means nothing. Jesus didn't complain when He had to come to earth as a human, He didn't complain when He was mock and beat, He didn't complain when He was lied on and nailed to the cross, He didn't complain when the sins of the world fell on Him. Not one time did He complain. I see know that complaining does not get things worked out, it only give the devil more ammunition to work with. Just as the children of Israel in the wilderness always complain about something, I don't want no stubborn spirit riding on me. I don't want my blessings to pass me by! I don't want to be useless to God, I came to far and I put in too much work to have everything be invain. My good days do out weigh my bad days so, I want complain! As Jesus said hanging on the cross, as He received the drink,"It is finished". Let's enjoy life and walk in the blessing of Jesus. Let's be finished with all the complaining and give it to over to Him! Shake it off and keep going. When we stop complaining we then see what Jesus is doing. I receive my word on today and the word that came on yesterday. So I pass these same words on to you, "SO WHAT" and "I WANT COMPLAIN"! Be blessed

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Grab Hold Onto The Blessings Of God!!

 The blessing of being obedient. What a great thing it is to reap the benefit of the Lord. We should all know by now that this is the year of harvest and this is the year of Jubilee. This is the year when God is going to give us double for our troubles. Last year, we went through and came through a lot, now God is about to show out! The song writer said, It's Harvest Time - things that He promised me a long time ago, I'm going to get it! He has not forgotten! Hold on to your faith and know that God is an on time GOD. Open up your mouth and speak your blessings into existence! He placed that authority upon you! Grab hold to what God has for you, there is much more their than you expect. He said that we shall be bless coming in and going out. We shall be the head and not the tail! We shall  be the lender and not he borrower! People this is harvest time and God is opening up doors that have been closed a long time. Blessings that have been held up and blessings that have been stolen. Grab hold! This shall and will be your best year ever. I claim that in the name of Jesus! We need to stop putting limits on God,  knowing that He own cattle's, lands, and houses on a thousands of hills, everything belongs Him. On this day start speaking, and claiming what is yours in the name of Jesus. Ask God to make ways for you that you will be able to bless others. And if you never tried Him, taste and see the goodness of the Lord and see that He will never fail you. Grab hold! God is about to do some things in the lives of the children of God that will have you shouting! Seek Him like never before, pray without ceasing, and watch as well as pray! Understand this that God never leaves us, we do the leaving - God always blesses, we just get greedy! With the business God is about to have some of us open and the many blessings He is about to give us, always remember the next person. Be a blessing to someone else and God will surely bless you. 2012, one of the best year for the children of God, but much more to come! Be Bless - A word for God's people

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Victory is MINE!

God does things in His own way and the time He wants it done. We sometimes get ahead of our selves and try to hurry God, but the blessing is in waiting. No matter how long it takes, God has it under control. We don't see thing as God sees them, we don't do things as God does them, so we shouldn't hurry God. We have been through the fire and had to fight and break down mountains. We have stubble and fell a couple of times, but we got right back up again. We have tossed and turned in the mid-night hour, shed many of tears, but we stood still. We've almost gave up and let go, but God said not so. We fought many demons in Jesus name and we are still here. We kept it real for Jesus when others thought we was just a joke. When our enemies thought they have won the fight, God made them our footstool. Victory is yours and Victory is mine! We have came through test after test and trial after trials and some are still wondering how are we still standing. He has made us a living testimony for His name sake to witness to others. He have healed us in places were the doctor probably would have said, I'm sorry or there is nothing else we can do. He have showed us vision that have came to pass. Victory is yours and Victory is mine! Claim your victory and know that what God has for you is for you. No matter how hard some work to take it away are to destroy it, God said yes, so it shall be. THIS year victory is yours, this year call things as though they are! Speak life and know that God is not one who lies. Know that life and death is in the power of the tongue. Know that we live for the Most High God and He has all power in His hands! Claim your victory, this day and forever more. Stop looking at your situation and know that God has your back. The battle has already been won! Just say, Victory, Victory, Victory is mine! Be Bless

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I want complain: Choose this DAY whom YOU will Serve!

I want complain: Choose this DAY whom YOU will Serve!: A new year is coming quickly and some of us still wish to linger in our same state of mind and in our same places in Jesus. Year after year ...

Choose this DAY whom YOU will Serve!

A new year is coming quickly and some of us still wish to linger in our same state of mind and in our same places in Jesus. Year after year we should be at a new level, we should be telling others about the goodness of God. He brought us through another year, because of His grace and mercy we stand here today all because of Him. He provided for us throughout the year, He healed our bodies when pain came disturb us. His blood covered us from danger seen and unseen! He never allowed us to go without food or the necessities of life. Some may have fallen short, but He allowed us to be still here today. Throughout the going through, you are still here today! Why must you think about whom you will serve? Only God can do these things for you! You may have been at your last, but GOD stepped in right on time and made a way. It was Him who restore your health, no one else! It was Him who brought you back to life, from dry bones! Stop waiting and choose this day! We can't fault no one else in how our lives go, because God gives us a way out! What more does He have to do to prove Himself to you? He's waiting! He dried up cancer in bones, He healed high blood pressure, He healed liver disease, nobody but Him! Trust God! Stop putting limits on God and know He is the Maker and the Creator, He is the beginning and the end, He is the author and the finisher! He knows all and He sees all.Choose this day whom you will serve!Tomorrow is not promise! Try Jesus and see what He is all about, I guarantee you that He will not disappoint you! He brought you this far in life, which we could have been dead and gone. But because of His grace and mercy, His love, His amazing way, we live. He keeps it real with us, so let's keep it real with Him! Be Blessed

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I want complain: Who Side are You Leaning On?

I want complain: Who Side are You Leaning On?: It's another day that God has blessed us to see. It's another day that He gave us the breath of life. It's another day that He has kept us w...